Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Unexpected Hour

March 17 2016
Scripture: Luke 12:40 (ESV)

The Unexpected Hour

"You also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect."

Jesus talks here about being ready at any moment, because we don't know when He will return. He uses the word picture of a man (servant) waiting for his master to return home from a wedding. Even if he comes in the deep hours of the night, the servant who is still awake will open the door promptly for his master. 

At college my dormitory would have  "room checks" to make sure that we young men were keeping our rooms to a certain standard of cleanliness. We had a general idea when the RA (residential assistant) would come, but I wasn't the greatest at preparing ahead of time. I would be vacuuming and looking down the hall, trying to see if he was coming, at the same time. Then there was that guy who generally kept his room clean at all times. He never scurried, because he was always ready. I think Jesus wants us to be ready like this; at all times in our spiritual lives. But how often do we procrastinate, and one shirt lands on the bed, dirty socks roll under the desk, and my bible begins to collect dust on the shelf?

I must be ready! I believe that Christ will return to this earth and it will be when I least expect it. So I will keep spiritually awake by seeking my relationship with God on a regular basis in the Bible, in prayer, in fasting. I can't afford to be lazy in my faith and I must tell the rest of the people around me, "Wake up Jesus is coming!" 

"Lord Jesus, I know that I can tend to procrastinate the more important things. Help me to be ready at all times, joyfully expecting Your return. Let me be faithful to what You have given me now. Amen." 

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